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If you've never played a video slot either in a land-based casino or in an online casino, you're in for a great surprise. If all you remember about slot machines are the one-armed bandits of yore, you're not going to believe what slots have become. I remember the first time I saw online slot machines - the graphics knocked my socks off and I became an instant fan. Gone are the days of pulling levers and watching mechanical reels with fruit and bells spin around. This was a whole different slot game and it wasn't hard to get used to the change.

Online software companies are falling all over themselves to create bigger and better slots. The leading companies - Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, - crank out dozens of new slots a month just to keep the customers happy. If you play slots online, you must have noticed that the companies out-do each other when it comes to themes, prizes, pay lines and features. There is still a big fan base for classic 3-reel slots but, along with those die-hards, there are also millions of slot lovers for who bigger is better.

Slots now have more features that they ever had before. There are wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus games and free spins. If all this sounds like a new language, it is - the language of online slots. If you're new to the new age of slots, it pays to read up on each game you'll be playing. There are many more ways to win than in the past and certain winning combinations trigger other games that, in turn, give you even more chances to win. Playing online slots is not the mindless activity of yesteryear; you have to know what you're doing to get all the way to the big jackpot. It always pays to read the rules of any game even if you're ``just'' playing a slot machine. Knowledge is power, even when it comes to the slots.

Coolcat - 50 Free Spins on Small Fortune

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